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We Stand For (2/5): Independence

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Operating in an unbiased learning environment as a unit is the basis of our educational concept.

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Using instruments and implants in an operating room is the practical side of every surgeon, it is just as important as his medical knowledge.

We believe that it is essential for the training of orthopedic and trauma surgeons to learn in an unbiased learning environment free from industrial influence and to prepare and qualify themselves as well as for the use of instruments in their practice.


Our Determination for providing the best methods of surgical education binds us to be compliant, this pushes us to embed our principles in everything we do. Doing so, makes us independent from offering limited implant options to our surgeons. We offer our courses in an unbiased environment, where surgeons get to experience more than one provider and option of surgical tool set.


Our courses are set with the best instruments of the surgical industry - they come from at least three competing industry partners. There is much interaction and continuity between the companies. Since they all work together as one unit to find the best solution, educators can expand their knowledge of different implant systems from competing industry partners. We stand for high compliance and enable learning and working in a team environment where everyone works for the same goal.

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