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We Stand For (4/5): Certification

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Maintain validity of your surgical knowledge through CME-certified hands-on training courses

Course participants hold certificates
Trauma Academy - Course participants hold certificates

We believe in the importance of validity, since in our industry, obtaining the necessary skills and mastery of surgical skills requires certification. Certification is a form of legitimacy to move forward and rise higher on the path to excellence.

The attainment of this recognition should be prescribed by objective assessments of surgical skills, with proof of these skills being provided by a practical examination and a standardised - authentic - assessment.


Our courses are standardised by a clear and objective structure and meet the high standards we have set ourselves. The COVID-19 crisis gave us the motivation to rethink: we combined the existing formats of surgical training with "the new normal": a hybrid method - hands-on meets digital. Our courses are defined with a protocol for consistent quality and are conducted by the best experts in the field, theoretical and practical assessments are defined. We adhere to these principles and ensure that our participants are guided by them.


Trauma Academy offers CME-certified courses that advance the surgeon through objective assessments of surgical skills. The practical courses, led by experienced experts, are held in a state-of-the-art facility - our CADLAB COLOGNE. As far as the digitalized format is concerned, the most recent virtual event - BGmeetsUKE - offered participants a surgical demonstration performed by Prof. Dr. K.-H. Frosch. Our independent, clearly structured programs allow surgeons to compare and certify their skills on a global level.

Interview with Denise Eygendaal (Instructor | Elleboogkliniek, NLD) & Annika Heuer (UKE)

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