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We Stand For (1/5): Excellence

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Reaching excellence is an everlasting climb of learning and self-improvement.

Climber with helmet and belay on the side of a mountain as seen from below
Trauma Academy - blog picture climber

We believe that the need to reinvent surgical education is a necessity more than an option, we saw there is a room for surgeons to elevate and an opportunity to change the status-quo. We built our company on the premise that we must provide a platform where surgical educators can reach the next step, a place where they can flourish their surgical skills so they can become better surgeons and ultimately save lives.

As people, to achieve this concept, we must be eager ourselves to research and secure the best tools and practices in modern day. Reinventing surgical education is not just a phrase we say, we believe in providing a course concept for surgeons that will push them towards excellence.


The way we are enabling excellence is by creating clear pathway in our curriculum. The pathway is split into seven course levels where we support the surgeons’ ascent towards excellence. Our courses follow protocol for consistent quality, we hold everything from instructors to facilities at a high standards to ensure the delivery of efficient content - event the coffee in the breaks will taste excellent. Furthermore, the use of innovative technology is valuable to skills’ advancement - Lifelike fractures are a key element for the realism of our courses.


We provide hands-on surgical training courses for orthopedic and trauma surgeons. These courses are led by world renowned instructors in a safe and practical environment, a facility where interactions and surgical wisdom is not only exchanged but encouraged. In these courses we follow the concept “OK, DOC” to describe the five key phases which make up the courses’ fundamental structure, to ensure our engaging community proceed toward mastering their skills and become a step closer to excellence in the field of surgical education.

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