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World Surgery Tour Hands-on BioSkills Course Concept




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GFFC Certificate.png
Trauma Academy provides certificate for all the trainings

To ensure optimal learning success, we work in close collaboration with teaching curricula, medical societies, physicians and other healthcare stakeholders.

Certified by the North Rhine Medical Association (Ärztekammer Nordrhein) -

CME points will be recognized.

WST Hands-on Zertifikat "L1-L7".

D.A.F. certified (Deutsche Assoziation für Fuß und Sprunggelenk e.V.).

DKG certified (Deutsche Kniegesellschaft e.V.).

GFFC certified (Gesellschaft für Fuß- und Sprunggelenkchirurgie e.V.).

Increase patient safety and improve patient outcomes.

Compliant environment with at least three medtech companies.

Your benefit from the
World Surgery Tour Hands-on 
Course concept.

Our CME certified training with lifelike fracture simulation on human specimens (AATB accredited) will help you become more confident in your daily OR routine. Experts will guide you through the course and help you take your next career step toward specialization.


Learn how to operate on complex cases in a stress-free environment using the latest technological tools. Meet representatives from different companies and learn about their implant systems with all the features and innovations. 

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Do you have further questions about course recognition and certification?

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