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We Stand For (5/5): Participation

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Best learning effects through honest exchange and team spirit as a community to improve fracture care in everyday life.

Instructors and participants raise their hands during Trauma Academy course
Trauma Academy hands-on Course 2019

We believe in the efforts and benefits of teamwork, our company runs as a collective group with different backgrounds and experiences, which give us the opportunity to go through multiple solutions for every problem we face. We believe in bringing together surgeons from different backgrounds under one roof, so that they can exchange ideas to solve the daily fracture problems.


Our Trauma Academy courses are taught by experienced professors who share our values. Because everyone has a different background, often internationally, we can benefit from each other's experience - we see ourselves as a team. Our experts use the wisdom of the crowd, creating a dedicated dialogue to solve the daily fracture challenges. The same can be said for the course participants, their interaction and commitment contribute to the overall result of our courses. We create a positive error culture by creating a safe environment. We learn from each other, even beyond clinic boundaries. For these two course days, all participants are a community that networks and inspires each other to develop something new.


The courses of the Trauma Academy offer a learning experience in which the commitment of the participants is part of the learning process. They are part of the daily companions who share different experiences, and the wisdom goes hand in hand with the practical experience we offer. In addition to the educational outcome, participants from different backgrounds will enhance the learning experience and increase the pleasure of participation. Become part of an engaging crowd, a stage for everyone to participate in dialogue, share experiences and leverage wisdom about fracture challenges.

Interview with Filip Stockmans (Instructor | KU Leuven, BEL)

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